Spice is the heart and soul of good cooking. Any master worth their salt will tell you good spice makes all the difference in bringing your culinary experience alive. At Parekh Spice, we have spent decades honing the secrets to quality ingredients. We hold a long legacy, spanning three generations, in curating spices that are deserving of a place in your pantry.

Established in 1942, Laxmidas Morarji Parekh moved from Gujarat to Calicut, where the company found its roots. Here, the search for impeccable quality ingredients began, an expedition that lives on, even today. Mr. Parekh had a talent for mastering the processing of spices such as ginger, pepper, and nutmeg, inside and out. He built the business on that strength. 

Mahendra Laxmidas Parekh, the second generation, took over the business, moving from Calicut to Kochi in order to set up the processing of spices. He scaled the business by leaps and bounds exporting large quantities and putting India on the map. He won many accolades for his efforts and is highly recognised in the industry.  He is also the founder member of Indian Pepper and Spice Trade Association.

Anupama Mahendra Parekh now continues the family legacy, leading Parekh Spice towards greater heights. She has taken over the business in a time when the world of spice has evolved, now becoming an extensively regulated and quality controlled industry. As a company that has upheld such high values and discipline, we have been fondly reached out in this industry as a trusted name.

Parekh Spice now plays the role of an expert, making knowledge-based decisions, to not just get the right product with the right specification, but also enable the right relationships between international buyers and suppliers.

Today, we not only export the finest pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and turmeric, but are also a liaison for overseeing export. Constant discovery and innovation are a part of our DNA. Our passion to introduce undiscovered flavours and aromas to the global market drives us to embrace new innovations and ambitious milestones.


Welcome to flavour. Welcome to Parekh Spice.

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